I'm a professional dressage rider and trainer, and I do not trust too many people with my horses. I purchased a new youngster that I needed help starting. My young horse needed a confident yet kind rider to get him going for me and Ryan did a fantastic job. I am beyond pleased with Ryan's riding and training abilities and highly recommend him! I feel extremely blessed that I was able to get him to start my youngster.

—Jennifer Lee


I started riding with Ryan in March. Needed some help with my mare. Ryan has helped me so much in a short time. He has given me and Lucy so much confidence. I feel like I have a new horse.

—Kelly Rygh


I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for a trainer. He’s a great horseman, as well as a great person. He’s knowledgeable, encouraging, and knows where and when to push my horse and me to make us a better team. And I’ve become a better rider all around

                               —Robyn Friedel


Ryan is a talented and gifted rider, instructor and trainer.  After he rode Braveheart the first time, my horse was more balanced, round and forward and looked like a completely different horse.

Ryan also has a positive attitude and is patient with both horse and rider. He always puts a smile on my face.  Ryan has also gone above and beyond teaching me about the Friesian show circuit and dressage. 

I am so fortunate to have met Ryan. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s a wonderful and professional instructor and trainer.

—Joan Beyer


I’ve known Ryan for quite some time, and he always has the horses’ best interests in mind. He's very dedicated to their health along with their performance. 

—Cassie Torhorst  DVM


I’ve been with Ryan for several years, and  have found him to be a patient and skilled trainer of both my horses and myself. 

Ryan focuses on the safety, as well as the success of his students and is adept at removing the barriers that mar the performance of the partnership. 

Ryan was also by my side when I acquired two very lovely horses that are well matched to my current abilities and can take me much further in my dressage journey.  I have confidence that I’ll  achieve my goals in the dressage ring with Ryan's guidance and support.

—Mary Flodin


Making the decision to change trainers is a hard one — one I had to make almost a year ago. After talking it over with Ryan, we worked out a schedule of 3 days a week with him traveling to where my gelding, Corraggio, currently boards.

“Mr. C” has gone from being an extremely green boy to one whose confidence is slowly building. The ground manners are remembered and he’s had several new things tossed at him—leg wraps, being able to stand in cross ties—without any issues, even with a lot of distractions. Ryan was able to get Mr. C to two shows last summer—one open breed-recognized dressage show and an Arabian sport horse show. He even qualified for dressage in Arabian regionals.

Ryan has done wonders with Corraggio. He is now relaxing more, working through his back, a more balanced canter and starting to do some leg yields. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, considering the challenges he’s had, it’s a major improvement.

Ryan has really taken his time with Mr. C and is patient with all of the challenges and working him through them.

Candy Ziebell and Tricia Joaquin


Ryan has worked with my gelding quarter horse. Titan. for more than a year. Titan had gotten a little “wild” and was difficult to ride. His canter had never really been balanced and he occasionally got stubborn and didn’t want to work.

Fast forward just a couple months, and Titan was listening to even the most subtle leg yields and eager to please and knew how to run a simple dressage test. His canter was much more balanced and he had several trot speeds that had never shown up before.

Riding my darling boy is now a joy, and I have only Ryan to thank.

___Lisa Schuetz