Ryan has been involved with horses nearly his entire life. He’s ridden horses in multiple disciplines and has won over 30 USEF Regional, National and World Championships on both the Friesian and Andalusian show circuits.

  1. 2009: Ryan’s Friesian Sport Horse mare, Ivy’s Nova, was the USEF National Grand Champion Horse of the Year.

  1. 2010: Ryan was nominated by the International Friesian Show Horse Association for the USEF Youth Sportsman’s Award, recognizing his potential as a future leader in the equine industry.

  1. Winter 2012/2013: Ryan and his Friesian stallion, Novi of Legend Woods, spent the winter show season in Florida, earning qualifying scores towards his USDF Bronze Medal.

  1. Spring 2013: Ryan competed through 3rd level in Wisconsin.

  1. Fall, 2013: Ryan earned his Bronze Medal fall 2013.

  1. Currently: Showing 4th level and schooling Prix St. George, Ryan is working towards his last scores for his Silver Medal and Bronze Freestyle Bar.

Ryan has been teaching other riders and training horses since 2009. He believes in the importance of creating a mutual bond of trust and respect with his clients and the horses they ride.

He has started over a dozen young horses in preparation for competition and/or for resale.

Ryan understands that you and your horse are a unique combination, so he provides you with an individualized training program designed to advance both you and your horse on your equestrian journey.

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About Ryan

Recent Accomplishments

  1. 2012 USDF All Breeds Champion 1st level

  2. 2013 USDF All Breeds Champion 1st level Musical Freestyle

  3. 2013 USDF All Breeds Champion 2nd level Musical Freestyle

  4. 2013 FHH 2nd and 3rd level Champion High Point Purebred Friesian

  5. 2013 USDF Bronze Medalist

  6. 2014 USDF Fourth Level Open 3rd place 63%

  7. 2014 IFSHA National Champion open-3rd level

  8. 2015 Training Level Open 1st Place  | Sorenson Park

  9. 2016 USDF Region 2 Championships | Freestyle score 70.9%

  10. 2016 Sorenson Park Dressage Open | Training Level 1st Place 71%

  11. 2016 Sorenson Park Dressage Open | 1st Level 1st Place 70.1%

  12. 2016 Silverwood Dressage Open | Training Level 1st Place 68%

  13. 2017 Silverwood Dressage Show | Open First Level 68%

  14. 2018 Sorenson Park Dressage Open | Training Level | 1st Place

  15. 2018 Sorenson Park Dressage Open | Training Level | 2nd Place

Trained Under

  1. 2008-2010 Gareth Selwood

  2. 2011-2013 Kim & Yvonne Barteau

  3. 2013-2014 Megan McIsaac

  4. 2014 -2015 Meg Williams

  5. 2016 - present Julie A. Julian

Musical Freestyles

Choreographed By: Melanie Michalak

Ted “Teddy Bear” Stark, barn and show dog